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Icon Themer How To create custom iOS app icons aesthetic

Icon Themer

Icon Themer How to Make Ios Aesthetic

Icon Themer With iOS 14, you’ll now add Widgets on the home Screen. This new capability however has inspired tons of creative minds to completely customise the iPhone home screens.

Not only are widgets used, matching custom iOS app icons also are added to make a seamless theme!

The most common approach to make custom iOS app icons has been to only use the Shortcuts app to make a shortcut that opens the target app. However, this approach will first open up the shortcut app before opening the app you would like .

I’ve recently stumbled upon a special thanks to do that that might just open the target app! and that i must say the creator of this approach is real smart cookie.
Creating custom iOS app icons with Icon Themer

Icon Themer How to Make Ios Aesthetic

Icon Themer may be a custom shortcut that might run through the required steps to make a custom “app” that might load the target app on your iPhone and also any iOS devices for that matter.

As you read from its descriptions below, this works best with iOS 14 but would still work on iOS 13.
If you don’t want to read the step-by-step guide, you’ll just inspect the complete video here.

Otherwise, read on for the small print of the steps.

Step 1: Allow Untrusted Shortcuts

To install the shortcut, you’ll got to first allow the utilization of untrusted shortcuts on your iPhone.

The video below shows the way to set the Allow Untrusted Shortcuts setting on iOS 14.

Icon Themer How To create custom iOS app icons

Step 2: Add the Icon Themer Shortcut

Adding the Icon Themer shortcut is pretty simple. Just open your camera app and scan the QR code on the Icon Themer page ( on RoutineHub.

Alternatively, you’ll also just open up this link on your iPhone browser.

The video below will walk you thru the entire process.
Only one key thing to notice .

As you’ve seen within the video above, it’ll ask which country’s App Store you’d wish to found out the shortcut for.

By default, it might select the country as set within the regional settings.

this is often important because the shortcut will look for apps that are listed therein country’s App Store.

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